Véronique Vallée M.OMSc
Ostopathic Manual Practitioner
​Certified Member of the OOA

​Your First Visit

I am frequently asked "what should I expect on my first visit?" An osteopathic initial assessment & treatment is longer than a regular treatment (approx. 45min to 1 hour), because we need go over comprehensive personal history, medical history and consent form. The more information that I receive from my patients, the better I can assist the patient with their treatment.

After your first visit, you will have a better understanding of your health goals & expectations, you will feel at ease and excited about your upcoming treatments.

​My Treatment

My treatment is hands-on and involves skilled manipulation of the spine, joints, and soft tissues.  I am trained to understand your tolerances and I have the tools to change our treatment plan, should the need arise.

The frequency of your visits and the length of time it will take for my patient to notice improvements will vary from person to person. Every individual has a unique health journey, but most patients do feel a noticeable difference between 6-8 treatments.
*Please note that some patient may feel some tenderness up to 72hrs after your treatment.


- First Assessment & Treatment: $115 (approx. 1hr)
- Follow up Treatments: $65 (approx. 30 mins) 
- Student: $55 (approx. 30 mins) 
- Kids under 18: $55 (15-30 mins)

- Payments accepted: Cash, Email transfers, Apple Pay, Debit (tap), Visa, MC, Amex

I am a Certified Member of the Ontatio Osteopathic Association (OOA/OSTCAN) and is recognised by most insurance providers. 


- Monday: 8:30am - 3pm
- Tuesday: 10am -7pm
- Wednesday: 3pm - 8pm 
- Thursday: 10am -7pm

- Street parking available
- Elevator (accesible)

​​​Now let's begin YOUR journey toward better HEALTH...
​?Is Osteopathy right for you
The effectiveness of classical osteopathy prevents fixed postural tensions which are physiologically abnormal and can lead to disease. Osteopathic treatment will help maintain balance, structural stability, and harmonious function of all systems supporting a healthy body, mind and spirit.
Osteopathic treatment is precise in improving nerve supply, arterial supply, venous and lymphatic drainage in the individual so your body can heal faster and begin to reverse the destructive pathological process and reduce or eliminate pain.
Treatments are relaxing and help reduce pain and symptoms when the patient’s life forces have been diminished or altered due to illnesses and/or lifestyles. Treatments are focused on improving your quality of life.
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