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Balance, Presence & Relaxation: A Introduction to Reiki & Energy Balancing

Reiki & Energy Balancing: Reiki (a Japanese healing technique meaning ‘universally-guided life force energy’) and Energy Balancing uses hands-on and hands-off techniques to unlock and release blockages from the interconnected energetic systems of our body, including our nervous system, meridians, chakras, and aura. It can also support mental clarity and emotional release and has been proven to assist with acute and chronic pain and illness.  These sessions facilitate a smoother circulation and distribution of energy throughout the body and thus can be used as regular energetic re-alignment for daily life, and/or can help individuals through periods of stress and transition. 

History of Energy Healing: Energy practices have been utilized for thousands of years across various cultures and modalities including Reiki, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), and ancient and Indigenous civilizations. Modern science continues to explore the mechanisms behind energy work. For example, quantum physics describes the behavior of particles at the smallest scales, such as the ‘invisible’ atoms floating through our body, and that matter is inherently connected through energy fields. A smooth circulation of energy is believed to be essential for maintaining health and vitality, as it nourishes and supports the functioning of the body's organs and systems. When the flow of energy becomes blocked or disrupted due to factors such as stress, injury, poor lifestyle habits, or emotional imbalances, it can lead to disharmony, discomfort, and illness. 

Benefits of Reiki and Energy Balancing: 

  • Stress Reduction

  • Mental Clarity and Focus 

  • Emotional Release

  • More Vitality and Energy for Everyday Life 

  • Complementary Whole-Body Healing 

  • Grace and Mindfulness 

What happens during a session? A session typically lasts 1 hour or 45 minutes and can be done in-person or online (via Zoom). During a Reiki and Energy Balancing session, the recipient lies down in comfortable clothing, while the practitioner clears and balances the energetic systems of the body through gentle touch or by holding their hands slightly above the body. In an online session, the energy balancing is transmitted through the form of guided meditation. 

As positive energy flows, recipients often experience sensations of warmth, tingling, or relaxation. Some may even enter a deep state of relaxation or meditation, while others may simply feel a sense of calm and peace wash over them. The energy works on multiple levels—physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual—helping to release tension, alleviate pain, and promote overall balance and well-being. At the end of the session, recipients are often encouraged to take a few moments to rest and integrate the positive flow of energy before slowly transitioning back to their daily activities. Many people report feeling deeply relaxed, rejuvenated, and more in tune with themselves after a session, with benefits that can continue to unfold in the days and weeks following.

-- Tara Mazurk

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