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Karen Yaworsky, RHN

" Taking care of yourself does not have to be complicated.  But it does need to be specific to your individual needs. I have a little saying, to get the body you want you have to start by understanding the body you are in. When you start there, the rest becomes easy."

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My Story

Karen grew up in Northern Ontario.  Born and raised in Sudbury, she has always been interested in learning about fitness and nutrition. From a young age going to aerobics classes with her mom to studying it formerly at Cambian College in a 3-year Health Promotions program that gave her a foundation of knowledge to grow from. 


She took her co-op placement in Ottawa and never looked back.  From there her career and education evolved into a multidisciplinary practitioner. She is somewhat addicted to learning and has collected multiple titles and certifications. 


She worked as a full-time personal trainer for many years before going into management and becoming a course conductor.  Although that role was fulfilling it also led to burnout which redirected her toward learning how to care for herself with holistic practices. 


She has since become a Registered Holistic Nutritionist, Culinary Nutrition Expert, Fascial Stretch Therapist, Thai Massage practitioner and is currently working on becoming certified in Somatic Healing. She has won an award from the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition and has been a guest speaker all over the city helping to inspire people to embrace a healthy lifestyle. 


Holistic is the perfect word to describe her practice now.  Her intuitive nature allows her to see beyond the external pain points and she helps her clients see the root cause of their issues building a comprehensive plan to help them thrive in their health and their lives without feeling overwhelmed. 


She focuses on helping women over 40 reconnect with their bodies and learn to care for themselves without restrictive diets or intense exercise regimes. 

At Osteo Naturel, Karen offers Fascial Therapy and Registered Holistic Nutrition to all clients seeking improved flexibility, mobility, and dietary guidance. Fascial Therapy targets the body's fascia through gentle stretching techniques, while Holistic Nutrition provides personalized dietary support. For inquiries about her other services, please contact Karen directly via her website


Outside of her practice, Karen is a dog lover,  an adventure seeker, traveller and her entrepreneurial spirit has her always creating something new.  She builds and rents out tiny homes, travels extensively in a 1984 campervan and falls in love with every dog she meets.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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