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Henna Sodhi, MT (OMP Intern)

"I am grateful to have found a path that allows me to be of service through facilitating the healing of others. I strive to help you feel better while deepening my understanding of the human body and the incredible capacity of osteopathy."

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My Story

Henna Sodhi was born and raised in Ottawa and is currently in her final clinical semester at The
Canadian Academy of Osteopathy.

A creative soul, Henna was drawn to a life in the arts at an early age. Henna has always had an
interest in understanding people, and how we become who we are. She explored this through
acting, trauma informed studies, and exploration of community driven connection. All following
her central interest in building uplifting forms of care.

After completing the drama program at Canterbury High School, Henna continued her pursuit of
acting and a life in the arts at Vancouver’s renowned Studio 58. Henna had struggled with food
sensitivities as a teenager and at the age of 24 slowly developed chronic illnesses. Her decline in
health lead to leaving her life in the arts and coming back to Ottawa to find healing. She sought
allopathic treatment but did not find solutions. Raised with the integration of holistic health care,
Henna finally found answers from holistic health practices where she was introduced to
Osteopathy through Véronique Vallée.

Over the course of their treatments, Henna’s curiosity, wonder, and excitement at the capacity of
the body, and osteopathy grew, until Véronique suggested Henna consider The Canadian
Academy of Osteopathy in Hamilton. After further healing, Henna enrolled in The CAO and has
been traveling between Ottawa and Hamilton with the goal of obtaining her Masters in
Osteopathic Manual Sciences.

In the little spare time she has outside of studying Osteopathy, Henna maintains an interest in
acting, singing, dance, visual arts, cooking, learning about nature, spending time with her dogs,
and connecting with the people she loves.

In her constant practise of growth, learning, and understanding, she is grateful for the
opportunity to continue her journey of Osteopathy at Osteo Naturel.

Neck Treatment
Chiropractic Treatment
Shoulder Treatment


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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