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Flex, Release, Thrive: Elevate Your Wellness Journey with Fascial Stretch Therapy!


FST™ is a unique system of assisted stretching that targets fascia and joints. Certified therapists use movement through a series of stretches to unlock tension in the deepest layers of tissues. The aim is to unravel restrictions in the fascia, relax the hold the nervous system has on the tissue, and open up the joint space by stretching the fascia 


Fascia is the weblike 3D matrix of connective tissue that connects and penetrates every soft tissue of the body.

  • It connects tendons/ligaments to bone.

  • It encases every muscle.

  • It suspends organs within the body.

  • It’s highly innervated with specialized sensory nerves and receptors that relay information to the central nervous system about the quantity and quality of movement.


  • Decreased pain

  • Increased  mobility

  • Reduced vulnerability to injury

  • Improved posture, circulation, and joint health

  • Improved physiology such as sleep, digestion, and energy

  • Corrected structural imbalances (ex. leg length discrepancies).

  • Down-regulated nervous system for post-activity restoration, regeneration, and lymph flush

  • Upregulated nervous system for pre-activity dynamic warm-up, corrective work and/or mental-emotional athletic preparation


Patients should arrive at their appointment in stretchy comfortable clothing such as tights, shorts, sweatpants, t-shirt or tank top.

The initial assessment involves gathering information about your injury history including posture, pain, quality of movement, and quality of sleep. You will be asked to participate in some muscle contractions but your main job is to RELAX and BREATHE!

You may feel improvements in mobility after one 60 or 90 min session. However, at least 3 sessions are recommended to get the best, lasting results from your FST™ treatment. Regular maintenance treatments can be scheduled as needed thereafter. 


  • Those with chronic back pain. Oftentimes, chronic back pain is associated with muscle tightness and joint stiffness; general weakness, fear of movement, and certain activities; and lack of mobility. FST™ can help to eliminate your pain and restore function so you can return to your normal life.

  • Those who regularly train. When you’re training regularly, you need your body to recover quickly. FST™ improves blood flow to tired muscles, which helps you to recover faster from your tough training sessions with less soreness.

  • Those who sit too much. Decreased blood flow to your legs can lead to a myriad of health issues. Not to mention stiffness and tightness in the glutes, hamstrings, lower back, and neck. FST™ improves circulation and wakes up all those sitting muscles.

  • Those with degenerative joint disease or arthritis. Both chronic issues are related to and cause decreased joint space and lack of movement at the joint. FST™ can help slow the process of degeneration by keeping the affected joints lubricated and moving in a safe, pain free way.

  • Those with poor posture. Over time our tissues adaptively shorten and weaken as we maintain poor posture throughout the day. FST™ helps restore alignment and proprioception in joints while unraveling the tension poor posture creates.

  • Those who are active. FST™ can help you to run faster, lift heavier, boost endurance, improve coordination, and increase flexibility.

  • Those rehabbing an injury. Feel like your recovery has plateaued? Through FST™, your therapist can help increase your range of motion by eliminating adhesions and allowing your body to get rid of unnecessary compensations.

  • Those who are stressed. Stuck in fight or flight mode – racing mind, trouble sleeping, constipated? FST™, helps pull you into a more parasympathetic state ( rest and digest), which allows our body and mind to relax and let go of excess tension, promoting a deeper, restful sleep.

  • Those who need help stretching. How far, how long, how often? FST™ assessment and treatment can give you a great idea of areas to focus on. What corners of your joint are restricted, what your pattern of movement is. There is no better way to learn than FEELING IT!

  • Those who do not like Massage. FST™ is a great way to achieve the relaxation and decreased tension of a massage, without the sometimes uncomfortable action of undressing, etc.

Ultimately, FST™ is for anyone who has a body and wants to move better! This treatment is great for individuals of all ages and activity levels

In Addition

Fascial Stretch Therapy proves beneficial for osteopathic patients by enhancing range of motion, alleviating musculoskeletal pain, and improving circulation. Serving as a complementary approach to Osteopathic Manipulative Treatment, FST™ gentle stretching addresses fascial restrictions, contributing to better overall tissue health. Additionally, FST™ aids in stress reduction promotes postural improvement, and supports rehabilitation efforts, making it a valuable addition to the comprehensive care of osteopathic patients.

-- Karen

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